"With a director from Brazil, stars from Mexico and Argentina, a screenwriter from Puerto Rico, and supporting cast and crew from all over South America, 'The Motorcycle Diaries' is a film by us and for us. A united effort by Latinos, not only is it a moving, joyful and enlightening movie-going experience, but a remarkable artistic achievement of which we should all be proud. 'The Motorcycle Diaries' reminds us all of the moment when our connection to and compassion for our neighbors, our counties, and world was born."

"Con un director brasileño, artistas mexicanos y argentinos, un guionista puertorriqueño y un equipo de todo Sud América, The Motorcycle Diaries, no solo trata sobre nosotros, sino que es para nosotros. Un esfuerzo unido por latinos, es tanto un notable logro artístico, como una experiencia fílmica iluminante de la cual debemos sentirnos orgullosos. "The Motorcycle Diaries" nos recuerda aquel momento en el que la compasión hacia nuestros vecinos nació."