Che Guevara Shirts

Che Guevara Shirts

Che Guevara shirts have been in enormous demand lately. It was no wonder after the phenomenal epic adventure of Guevara and his companion, Alberto Granado was released. In The Motorcycle Diaries, a tale of Guevara’s journey over the course of eight months and 8,000 miles, what starts out as a lark becomes a profound journey of discovery. The film made Guevara’s face and name more well-known and the demand for Che Guevara t-shirts went up dramatically.


Once the movie came out and more people began to realize the impact this man had on Cuba, Che Guevara clothing were recognizably everywhere. Many people, especially the younger generation of teenagers, became big fans of the man who would have become one Time magazine's "Icons of the Century". They showed their support by sporting Che Guevara shirts. Even Walter Salles, the director of the movie "The Motorcycle Diaries" was awed by Che Guevara explaining that "I was very moved by the intertwining of this personal search with one that had a larger meaning for all of us who come from those latitudes".

Che Guevara has made a little revolution of his own here in the United States as seen with the vast amount of Che Guevara t-shirts and Che Guevara clothing. Many people who do not recognize the man they see in the Che Guevara shirts will soon be aware of his past existence and the impact he made in South America. As director Walter Salles said "The beauty of the journey lies in the fact that Ernesto and Alberto's perception of the world changed; they didn't refuse to see. In turn, they would go on to try to change the world, going by what they had come to understand on this journey."

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