Motorcycle Diaries Cast

Motorcycle Diaries Cast

The Motorcycle Diaries cast, although relatively unknown to the mainstream scene in the United States, does a great job portraying the young men on their journey and the people they meet along the way. A few of the actors on this exceptional Motorcycle Diaries cast include Gael Garcia Bernal (Che Guevara), Rodrigo de la Serna ( Alberto Granado ), and Mia Maestro.


Rodrigo de la Serna, who plays the character of Alberto Granado, has established himself as a versatile actor in his native Argentina whether on stage, screen, or television. Rodrigo de la Serna's ( Alberto Granado ) film credits include Juan José Campanella's El mismo amor, la misma lluvia, Alberto Lecchi's Nueces para el amor, and Santiago Carlos Oves' Gallito Ciego. Also, Rodrigo de la Serna's ( Alberto Granado ) television work includes Sol Negro, Cybersix, Naranja y Media, Vulnerables, Okupas, and Calientes.

As part of the Motorcycle Diaries cast, Rodrigo de la Serna had a special responsibility, inject a sense of humor as the character Alberto Granado. "From the script, you could tell that Alberto Granado had a playful character," says Rodrigo de la Serna, a busy Argentinean theater and TV actor who put on over 30 pounds for this role. "Then I met him and experienced his playful personality firsthand. He's a dancer, singer, ladies man and intellectual. This role is a gift for any actor." Rodrigo de la Serna's character of Alberto Granado as a Motorcycle Diaries cast member lightened "Diaries" by engaging in silly women escapades and cracking jokes along the expedition.

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