Motorcycle Diaries Official Site

Motorcycle Diaries Official Site

As stated in the Motorcycle Diaries official site, the film, which world-premiered to a standing ovation at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, follows an inspiring journey of self-discovery and traces the youthful origins of a revolutionary heart. The Motorcycle Diaries website shows that the rich and complex human and social topography of the Latin American continent is unveiled in all its glory as two friends experience life at its fullest.


The Motorcycle Diaries official site is full of commentary about the movie as well as different background and geographical information. By exploring the Motorcycle Diaries website, you can delve into different facts about different countries such as Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. Not only can you learn about the different countries traveled, but you can also learn about the actors that play the various characters- all on the Motorcycle Diaries official site. The site provides biographical information for each of the main characters in the film.

Want to get a sample of the movie's soundtrack before you buy it? Sample the soundtrack yourself when you visit the Motorcycle Diaries website as it plays in the background while you surf the site. If the music is just not your style, there is an option to simply turn it off as you finish browsing the Motorcycle Diaries official site. You can also learn a lot about the production and film makers on the website. Whether you have already seen the movie and want to get a better understanding of the cast members, you haven’t seen the movie and want to get a good feel of what it is about, or even if you just love the soundtrack and want to hear that quality sound of music while you learn more about it, the Motorcycle Diaries website is the answer.

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