Motorcycle Diaries Soundtrack

Motorcycle Diaries Soundtrack

Composer Gustavo Santaollala, one of the leading figures in Argentine rock and pop, infuses Walter Salles' Motorcycle Diaries Soundtrack with a multi-faceted score that draws his country's rich national musical heritage. In the Motorcycle Diaries music, Gustavo Santaollala's main instrument was the guitar in which ranged from folk-rooted charm to anxious, electronic-backed sounds and rhythms.


In the Motorcycle Diaries soundtrack, Santaollala performs most of the music himself and is accompanied by members of the Argentinean rock group Bersuit. With a variety of percussion instruments, a flute and violin, the Motorcycle Diaries music has a very earthly quality to it. In the Motorcycle Diaries soundtrack, some of the music has roots in the indigenous cultures of Latin America, which never detracts from the overall feel of the score.

With Gustavo Santaollala's guitar as a guide, the listener is taken on a voyage through various musical landscapes without any slip-ups. Proving his versatility once again with the Motorcycle Diaries music, Santaolalla pays homage to the rich musical styles of Mexico and Latin America in this latest work. Gustavo Santaolalla’s moving score masterfully compliments the film, giving the listener a sense of the wild journey experienced by the young travelers. Other featured artists included in the Motorcycle Diaries soundtrack are Dámasco Pèrez Prado, Jorge Drexler, María Ester Zamora, “Polito” González, Jorge Lobos, Cuti Aste and Roberto Lindl.

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